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Please keep in contact and up to date with latest situation as it effects 40+ OPS studio tenants and our hosts Temporary Contemporary right here!

Everyone is still reeling and processing the shock of such turbulence and uncertainty the rapid spread of Covid-19 virus has already spilled. It’s taken all week to get a conversation going between us, some are meeting (at distance) for the first time, so hi to everyone reading this!

An invite only mailing list has been set up to foster good communications and help prepare for what is yet to come and for support of those who will inevitably struggle as time goes on.

For now keep safe and wash your hands again.


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Time has caught up with us all at SPC after 17 years in Deckspace we have now transferred to the Uniform room at OPS. Some portion of the print and media archive is already in place with more to be shifted in over the coming months. Not that we will be getting that comfortable as the initial seven year lease for the building lapsed in 2015 and is set to come to a final end in mid 2019.


For now we can resume work on AMP, DDBC, MAZI and Creeknet all of which have been paused whilst we got sorted in a new place.

So much of the task in recent years has been network infrastructure building maintenance with local organisations and social centres across East London. Ongoing work at DHC (Deptford Housing Coop) MDR (Mayday Rooms) and Spacestudios, xCHANGE @Pepys Community Library, Coopepys and CDC (Creekside Discovery Centre) demands any spare time available.

Sentence extended

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Big thanks to all of you have now made subscription payment for the broadband support ! For those still dragging their heels please get in contact and make a payment now to ensure connection continuity in 2013.

Happy New Year OPS

Inside Out

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Interviews and Introductions are now complete and the fresh arrangements for continued access to the OPS broadband have been communicated to all those currently interred.

As of Saturday December 1st those fully paid up for the broadband will have working network access and support so to avoid disappointment please make your payment now.

Report from the inside

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we plug you in here

As of Monday 15th October 2012 broadband access and network support for all users at The Old Police Station is now handled by SPC who offer this on a per person basis @ £6 per month or £50 in advance for 1 year.

Please confirm your interest asap by sending an email request to listing

studio number or name
wall port in use
contact phone number
contact email and website

and completing payment no later than December 1st to avoid disruption to service.

Secret policemans balls

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Just to let you know there is to be a launch party for the converted Police Station on the 28th Feb to welcome in the 1st day spring and shed this endless winter. Party will be in The Booking Office (Members Club) and Holding Cells, Police Gym, Edwardian Interview Room and Yard.

It should be a good one as there has been so much interest. There will be a full (affordable) bar, and we are currently looking at proposals for performances, DJ sets, bands, installations etc etc. So far there have been ideas for unique Dim Sum, sage rituals, gambling, vintage porn, séances, fetish DJs and more. No budget of course, it’s all being done for the love of it.

Snow summons

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Today we spent a few more hours preparing the building wide network for activation and added a first broadband link that Anthony ordered from tests showed it was running at a good 16mb down and 1mb up which is a good start.

In the coms room the giant patch bay has been reorganised and ready for action in good time for the Opening event here at the end of  Feb.. By then we expect to have also patched in a building wide audio/video system to enable some more options for play.

With that in mind please contact if you want to get yourself patched in from your studio space @£6 a month.. for which you can get to the web and a bunch of fun stuff on the local network..

Policed will be linked into the OWN from the roofspace from where it would be fun to also be possible to forge more distant linkups.. and host some local radio.  please get in touch if you are interested.

your eyes and ears peeled!

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Yes as of Jan 2009 TemporaryContemporary begin a seven year stretch at The Old Police Station, Deptford to frame indiginous arts, craft a conspiracy of interaction and liberate the culturally condemed.

Expect a steady stream of pure noise and intense illumination to follow a month or two of solitary whilst the basic facilities are reinstated.

As the dust of refurbishment settles around the beat of establishment its here that you will be charged to attend to present your documents and parade your identity alongside the informers, ponces and other transgressors ita.

its 2009, be happy